Chelsey Weber-Smith

Vacation Vibes – with Chelsey Weber-Smith – Episode 397

Chelsey Weber-Smith ( joins the ladies to discuss their podcast American Hysteria, Satanic Panic, and conspiracy theories. They also chat about the origins of candy being “dangerous,” stranger danger, and why we’re all obsessed with true crime. They answer a lady problem from a bisexual listener who’s unsure if they should commit to a specific partner right now.

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Guest Bio

“I am a queer, nonbinary poet-turned-podcaster working to understand both American culture at large as well as the mysteries of my own humanity. I really love people, and I really love the world, and I am working to figure out how changes in perspective can illuminate the ways we relate to and understand one another. I believe in getting tangled in the weeds, in living in the often-untouched gray areas, of exploring the nuances that often get lost. I hope to use humor and poetics to ease people into difficult truths, to educate with care and understanding, especially around issues of race, class, gender, and sexuality, and the bigness and smallness of being alive. I like to travel around the country in my truck, Old Handsome. I like to build campfires. I like to hope for the best while trying to look the worst in the eye. I’m a gay suburban sad sack outlaw country boy who likes to go for long walks, who would like to walk forever. I would like to be your friend probably, I’m eager as a lonely dog.”

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