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Taco Bell Troll – with Georgea Brooks – Episode 376

Georgea Brooks (@GeorgeaBrooks) joins the ladies remotely to talk about how quarantine is treating her, her deep fear of the Titanic being in lakes, and her new podcast “Nice Bum, Where Ya From?”. The ladies also discuss how to attempt to stay creative during this time, past cyber relationships, and Brandie finding a backpack full of drugs in her yard. They answer a lady problem from a listener who wants to find a way to tell her friend that her abusive husband isn’t invited to their upcoming vacation.

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Guest Bio

Georgea Brooks is a comedian based in Los Angeles, CA. Though LA isn’t where she started comedy, it’s become her home base over the last seven years. Georgea regularly tours around North America performing stand up at clubs, colleges, and trash dive bars. In 2015, Georgea was listed on The Culture Trip’s; Top 10 Rising Stars list, and since then has flourished to be in multiple web series and two commercials. In 2018 she released her debut album entitled, Cash Grab, produced by ASpecialThing records. Currently, Georgea hosts and produces a wildly successful weekly comedy show in Downtown LA. And finally, Georgea is Canadian, and thereby, most likely a much better person than you.

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