Kristen Meinzer

 Floordrobe – with Kristen Meinzer – Episode 498

Kristen Meinzer (@k10meinzer) joins the ladies to talk about their dream closets, Kristen talks about her podcasts and they talk about scary dates. They also discuss how people get keys to the city, they play WWWWW and answer two lady problems about encouraging a sister who is going through a hard time and not being motivated to plan a wedding!

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Guest Bio

Hi! I’m Kristen Meinzer and I write and talk about pop culture for a living. Over the years, I’ve explored everything from classism in self-help books and racism in royal fandom, to feminism in made-for-TV movies and accessibility in video games. My goal is to look at pop culture through an intersectional feminist lens with the hope of making myself – and the world – a little smarter, kinder, and more equitable. You can find my commentary on NPR, Buzzfeed, the BBC, The New York Times, and hundreds of other outlets. It’s also front and center on over a dozen podcasts that I’ve hosted for networks like Slate, Newsweek, CNN, and WNYC.

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