Laci Mosley

Blood Scams – with Laci Mosley – Episode 354

Laci Mosley (@DivaLaci) takes a break from being a Scam Goddess to talk to the ladies about her love of all things scams, JLo’s secret to looking youthful, and how Sex and the City sets unrealistic relationship expectations. The ladies also discuss spending your way to hotness, having big boobs, and debate who’s hotter: Brad Pitt or Justin Theroux. They answer a lady problem from a listener who’s afraid that defining her relationship with a guy will cause him to ghost her.

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Guest Bio

Laci Mosley is an actress, comedian writer and singer from Dallas, Texas. She can be seen on the Harold team “LEROY” and all around the city with her 2 black (wo)man improv team @2LiveCrewImprov. She has a comedy page on Instagram called @DivaRants where you can take a ride on the struggle bus that is her life.

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