Liza Treyger

Phone Jail – with Liza Treyger – Episode 424

Liza Treyger (@glittercheese) joins the ladies this week to talk about hoarding, journaling, and her podcast “That’s Messed Up.” The ladies also discuss reality tv shows, cat belly buttons, and what Octomon’s up to. They answer a lady problem from a listener who wants to break their phone addiction. 

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Guest Bio

Liza Treyger is a New York based stand up comic by way of Chicago, raised in Skokie. She was born in the former soviet union and speak Russian. She’s an aunt and a virgo.

She loves late 90’s/early 00’s pop and soul music. She enjoys collaging, shopping, walking around NYC, private pools, chatting with friends and flighting with enemies – but mostly spending money, telling jokes and giggling with girlfriends.

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