Ophira Eisenberg

Swanking – with Ophira Eisenberg – Episode 511

Ophira Eisenberg (@ophirae) joins the ladies to talk about different types of pillows, Ophira’s new podcast Parenting Is A Joke and what it’s like having kids. They also talk about buying pre-chopped onions, they play This Or That and answer two lady problems about needing to be single and someone stealing alcohol!

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Guest Bio

Ophira Eisenberg is a Canadian-born standup comedian, writer, and host. She hosted NPR’s comedy trivia show Ask Me Another for 9-years, where she interviewed and played silly games with hundreds of celebrities including Sir Patrick Stewart, Awkwafina, Rosie Perez, Yo-Yo Ma, Bob The Drag Queen, Nick Kroll, Chelsea Handler, Jim Gaffigan, Michael C. Hall, and so many others.

As a comic and a parent to a 6-year-old, Ophira is the host of the new comedy podcast Parenting Is A Joke co-produced by iHeart Radio and Pretty Good Friends Productions.

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