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What About Prom? – Zara Mizrahi – Episode 192

Zara Mizrahi joins the ladies to discuss Beyonce, getting engaged, making plans, cancelling plans and more!

Zara Mizrahi is a stand-up comedian, writer, musician and actor born and raised in Los Angeles, CA.

She has performed stand-up all over the country and gets on stage almost every night. She also co-wrote and produced The Preposterous Sessions, a sketch comedy podcast, where she created, wrote and voiced original characters in strange new worlds every week. She also regularly appears in other sketches and podcasts, and has written everything from commercials to promotional sketches to screenplays. A UCB improv student and storytelling graduate, she also performs on several storytelling shows.

Zara’s first half-hour comedy pilot focuses on a young political speech writer who unexpectedly inherits her estranged uncle’s porn company. The second half-hour pilot focuses on a recently divorced journalist who teams up with her precocious 11 year-old daughter to investigate a pop star’s marital scandal — not knowing that the investigation leads to her con-artist ex-husband. Both scripts are based on real stories from Zara’s life.

She has also trained and worked extensively as an actor and musician. Having studied dramatic and comedic technique, she regularly does commercial, voiceover and acting work, and has written and performed in her own sketches. She also sings and plays guitar, bass and drums, and at 19 wrote and recorded a pop EP.

Zara continues to perform all over Los Angeles, and is always working on new comedy screenplays.

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