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Salsa Situation – with Alexandra Tweten – Episode 301

Alexandra Tweten drops by to talk about online dating, her new book Bye Felipe, and Halloween pranks. The ladies see their finished Color Me Mine creations, debate whether vampires or werewolves are better, and answer a lady problem about how long to wait for someone you’re interested in.

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About Bye Felipe

Alexandra Tweten started Bye Felipe on Instagram in October 2014. The idea came from a discussion between women in a private Facebook group about terrible messages women receive from men when they say they aren’t interested. Dozens of women posted screenshots of messages they had received and Alexandra decided to gather them all and post them on Instagram.

Originally an inside joke in the Facebook group, Bye Felipe came from the phrase “Bye Felicia” referenced by Ice Cube in the movie “Friday.”

Followers can submit their screenshots by direct message on Instagram or by emailing

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