Ali Spagnola

Uprotected Sax – with Ali Spagnola – Episode 351

Musician extraordinaire Ali Spagnola (@AliSpagnola) joins the ladies this week to talk about dick picks, TikTok culture, and revenge plans for a certain troll. They also discuss weird celebrity crushes (hello Danny Devito and Eugene Levy), cults, and whether astronaut ice cream is worth the hype. They answer a lady problem from a listener who wants to take their sex work to the next level online while being protective of their identity.

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Guest Bio

Ali Spagnola is your internet best friend! You never know what her comedy and music videos might entail but you know they’ll always be outrageous, clever and spread joy. She has become an Outrageous Life Coach to millions as they watch her surprisingly motivational take on leading a full (and funny) life. Some things Ali is known for include:

  • comedy videos
  • impressive One-Gal Band music videos
  • live Power Hour Drinking Game Concerts
  • Snapchat stunts
  • a hilarious take on fitness
  • visual art
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