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Poppers with Dracula – with Nick Wiger – Episode 352

Nick Wiger (@NickWiger) from Doughboys joins the ladies this week to talk about ordering pasta at Portillos, 2000s trends, and his adventure to an anti-Halloween party one year. They also discuss VSCO girls, poppers, and which monster would be the best to party with. They answer a lady problem from a listener with a clingy friend who’s starting to become suffocating.

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Guest Bio

Nick Wiger is a writer, actor, podcaster, and improviser and alumni of the Los Angeles UCB Theatre as part of Last Day of School and A Kiss From Daddy. He has written for IFC’s Comedy Bang! Bang!, FOX’s Party Over Here, and Funny or Die. He hosts the essential to listen podcast Doughboys alongside Mike Mitchell of The Birthday Boys.

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