Angela Lovell and Renee Watt

Chorus of Cackles – with Angela Lovell and Renee Watt – Episode 363

This week, psychic witches Angela Lovell (@lovellable) and Renee Watt (@RainbowGlitterStar) drop by to talk about witch jars, marking your territory, and collecting skulls. The ladies also discuss empaths, the movie Cats, and, tbh, just a lot about urinating. Angela and Renee also give their predictions for the year ahead.

Want to hear Brandie’s, Barbara’s, and Tess’s psychic readings for the year? Head over the to support the show at the $5 or higher level to listen. Also this week’s Top Secret Session is pretty wild… so… you might want to check it out.

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Angela Lovell is a best-selling author and award-winning playwright, director, screenwriter, podcaster, and writing instructor. She’s done psychic readings for events such as NYC’s Fashion Week, The Girlboss Rally, and Midsummer Scream. Her specialties include healing, calling in soulmates, finding power animals, strengthening ancestral bonds, advising in your magickal practice, and locking down protections.

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