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Dick McOperaPenis – with Erin Lennox – Episode 197

Erin Lennox joins the ladies to discuss drawing dicks, getting booed, the clap, mechanical bulls, dying and more!

ERIN DEWEY LENNOX is a writer / comedian based in Los Angeles, CA. She is originally from Chapel Hill, NC and has been in exactly 3 bar fights.

Erin has performed at clubs, colleges and alternative venues in over 30 states (including Alaska!) and at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, the Women in Comedy Festival, the Cape Fear Comedy Festival, the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, and an impromptu roast of her grandfather. She has written for ESPN, MTV, NFL Network, and a lot more less impressive places. She also writes a bunch of the commercials you fast forward through.

Erin studied journalism at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and drank a lot at football games.

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