Glennis mccarthy

Come Guard – with Glennis McCarthy – Episode 208

Glennis McCarthy joins the ladies to discuss cum, kale, onesie sex, Japanese candy and more!

I lived in New York for 15 years where I performed musical improv with the UCB Theatre, did voice over, commercials, and worked on The New Electric Company.

Now I’m in LA with my husband, with whom I have a web series with Awestruck called Almost Divorced talking about how we came back from the verge of divorce. Together, we have a cute patoot son who will never be an actor.

Now ten fun facts about me:

1. I have a license to do nails (AMA).

2. When my father passed away in 2013 I started climbing trees and dyed my hair pink (see: left).

3. I have a white Scottish Terrier named Gilda Raddog McArfy.

4. I never went to college after graduating from high school, but I did move from CO to NY with $500 at the age of 18.

5. That’s not true, I took one semester of college this year; I studied Art History and Film and got straight As and then I quit.

6. I have blood floating around in my right eyeball from a singing injury.

7. I am sober.

8. I grew up at 6,000 ft in a small ski town in Colorado.

9. My entire life, school was only closed twice due to snow.

10. I don’t ski.

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