Lindsay Ames

Wet Nap – With Lindsay Ames – Episode 131

Lindsay Ames (@LindsayAmes) joins the ladies to discuss Inside Out, Ryan Gosling, wet dreams, being young, Ethan Embry, the Cusacks, sensory deprivation and more.

Lindsay Ames is an award winning comedian, international food writer, producer and emotional eater. Her monthly hit show “My Diary” at the Upright Citizens Brigade has been a part of Riot LA, WICF 2017 and the New York Comedy Festival.

Lindsay’s sketches have been featured and curated for MTV, Comedy Central, College Humor, MTV and more. She’s been Featured on Conan, Hulu’s Future Man, Key and Peel as well as many other titles that can be found on everyone’s favorite website IMDB

Her voice credit’s include Ever After High’s spinoff Monster High, as Poppy O’heir, TMobile, HP, Ralph Card in Ralph Card Mythic Rare, Scarlett in Chick Figures, various voices in Adult Swims Apollo Gauntlet and more.

Chances are she’d like to work with you. Go get hungry by checking out Lindsay’s food endeavors @nomealwasted

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