Deli Meat – with Louis Peitzman – Episode 134

Louis Peitzman joins the ladies to discuss sweating, pants, coconut oil, orthodox jews, tindr, Smash, Patti LuPone, Yeezus and more!

Louis Peitzman is a Senior Editor at BuzzFeed in New York. Previously, he was a Weekend Editor at Gawker and a regular TV critic for He has also contributed to BlackBook MagazineWitStream, and the San Francisco Chronicle.

In his free time, Louis is an aspiring humorist on Twitter, where he has learned how to turn his insecurities into something we can all laugh at (between the tears). He performs at storytelling shows wherever and whenever they will have him, and recently co-hosted AfterSmash, a podcast devoted to Smash, with Matt Piwowarczyk. He smiles a lot more than you’d think.

15 Layers of Irony began as a general interest blog, with posts about life, film, TV, and pop culture. More recently, it has turned into a blog solely about the author’s feelings (read: a glorified LiveJournal). If you’re not interested in that, maybe don’t read it. You can find Louis’s other recent writing on his author pageat BuzzFeed.


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