Selena Coppock

Sauce Fridge – with Selena Coppock – Episode 484 

Selena Coppock (@selenacoppock) joins the ladies to talk about all their favorite drinks, never giving up caffeine and Brandie talks about her recent trip to Alaska. Selena talks about her parody account @nytvows, they play That’s So Random and answer two lady problems about a friend dating an ex’s friend and getting married for insurance!

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Guest Bio

Selena Coppock is a standup comedian, writer, author, and storyteller based in NYC. She is the creator and voice of @NYTVows, the parody Twitter and Instagram account that lampoons the New York Times Wedding section, the wedding industrial complex, WASPs, and courtship rituals of the rich and insufferable. She is also the creator and host of TWO WICK MINIMUM, America’s favorite and only podcast about candles. 

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